Nothing to be Proud of

Nothing to be Proud of

In October 2002, following the Chechen siege of the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow and the deaths of as many as 204 hostages and 40 Chechen terrorists when the Russian government pumped poison gas into the theater, my Albanian friend Laura called me. She was angry at how the siege was ended, with the deaths of many innocent people, and outraged at the Russian government’s attempt at claiming the use of the poison gas was necessary to end the siege and that the operation was “carried out brilliantly.”

What she said to me after that has stayed with me ever since. Paraphrasing her quote as best I can, she said, “There are things that are done wrong in the United States, too. But the United States fixes them, makes them right. That is the difference between America and Russia.”

At that moment, hearing those words, I never in my life had felt so proud of my country. That my friend, who had grown up under Communism, flourished under capitalism, and had experienced close up some of the inner workings – good and bad – of our government from when I had been posted to the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, had such a positive view of the United States, impressed and pleased me beyond what words could express.

Now, 18 years and some weeks later, in the aftermath of what has gone on in this country over the past four-plus years, and all the more in the aftermath of a scandalous Presidential election and the events leading up to it, I don’t think I’ve ever been more ashamed of this country. I am sorry to say, I think the country has become a parody of its former self, a sham, as fraudulent as the election we just went through, and we have nothing – nothing – to be proud of. Whatever values and strengths this country held before have been so run into the mire of corruption and shameless power grab that they are gone, and whether they ever can be recovered is very much an open question.

I’ve waited a week after the election to write anything about it, any kind of summation of what happened, what didn’t happen, and my response to it. But the election is just a symptom, a result, of a much greater sickness afflicting the nation. That sickness – and it’s not the coronavirus, it is an illness much more grave – is rampant, will remain rampant, regardless who finally is victorious in the election. Honestly, I have been so discouraged about this country and its prospects for the future, no matter how optimistic I try to be, I’ve had a hard time mustering the focus to write anything coherent. It’s even hard to find a starting point, there are so many things wrong in so many ways. I’ll make a stab at putting something out now.

A fraudulent election

I have no problem calling the recent Presidential election a fraud, just as I predicted it would be. I’m not talking about the numerous instances of voter fraud or electoral malfeasance that have occurred in a number of states. Those are bad and widespread enough to merit concern all by themselves, not that it’s the first time in U.S. history that they have gone on, and President Trump’s legal team is challenging some of those that could more likely determine the outcome of the election. No, I’m talking about the entire electoral process, which was designed to create chaos, doubt, and open the door to a Democratic power grab. But what would one expect of a party that dedicated itself over the past four years to the removal of a duly elected President and installed its presidential ticket through would can only be described as surreptitious back-room deals involving party elites and power brokers? Combined, it is the biggest political fraud ever perpetrated on the country.

As I’ve said before, Biden’s real running mate was the coronavirus, which was exploited to create this electoral debacle. There was no real reason why people couldn’t vote in person on Election Day, as has been the rule for a very long time in this country. But fears of the virus provided the perfect excuse for state after state to jump on the mail-in band wagon, setting the stage for the current mess. I had grave concerns about this, as did the President, and we both were right.

By declaring widespread mail-in (or, the bigger problem, mail-out) voting, the only outcome that could be predicted was a disastrous result, especially in states that had never done this before and were ill-equipped to run and manage a massive influx of mailed-in ballots. Those states had weak safeguards in place to avoid multiple voting, stolen votes, voting by dead people, and people who moved to other jurisdictions, not to mention weak processes and insufficient staffing to tabulate the ballots, but this was exactly what those who engineered this mess wanted. In the actual analysis, they have no respect for a fair vote but only sought power.

We now have several states still counting votes a week after the election, with no end in sight. To say this is Third World in nature insults Third World elections. I was an election observer on two different occasions in Albania, one of the poorest and least developed countries in Europe, especially in the 1990s, and even with written paper ballots the results were known the same night. The same in Algeria during my posting there, where results were known by the next day. What we have in this country now is a national disgrace, along with being a fraud, and every American should be ashamed of this travesty.

The accounts of electoral problems are legion. Poll watchers in Philadelphia and Detroit and elsewhere being denied access to observe the vote count, as they are everywhere permitted to do by statute. As many as 40,000 ballots suddenly showing up in one place, every single one of them for Joe Biden. Saddam Hussein would have been proud of such a result, as I’m sure Kim Jong-un would be, too. In Michigan we have a computer glitch that changed Trump votes to Biden votes, and that software was used in half the state’s counties, and in some 28 other states, too. Also in Michigan, poll workers being told to back-date ballots. Envelopes being separated from mailed-in ballots, eliminating the ability to check when they were mailed. And on and on and on.

President Trump has every right to challenge these problems, but he’s criticized just days into the process by the pro-Biden jackals in the mass media and is accused of not wanting to yield power. None of them criticized Al Gore who, in 2000, carried on for 37 days claiming to be President-elect when, in the end, George W. Bush was ruled to be the winner. And that fight involved just one county in one state. The current malfeasance stretches across a number of counties in at least a half-dozen states. So Trump is the bad guy, but Gore wasn’t? And why isn’t Biden calling for a proper outcome of the election, whatever it might be? Doesn’t the confidence of the American people in its electoral process matter enough? Instead, he claims victory.

Pennsylvania is the epicenter of the problems – just as I predicted it would be – and unfortunately Chief Justice John Roberts and the liberal members of the Supreme Court he sided with just about guaranteed it would be a mess. The U.S. Constitution, Article II Section 1, gives state legislatures the right to set electoral process in their states. When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unilaterally changed the voting rules, it should have been an easy decision for the the U.S. high court to slap them back. Failing to do that and holding the case in abeyance, once Election Day rolled around it became a matter of putting the toothpaste back in the tube, and whether the mess in the Keystone State can be unraveled is very much in doubt at this point. There is even talk of canceling the entire electoral results in the state, it is such an intractable mess.

I’m also wondering why the Justice Department has not stepped in to some of the more egregious situations. It is the right of every American for their vote to be protected, and that includes protection from having the power of their vote stolen by electoral misdeeds and illegal votes cast. That falls to the Justice Department in the face of local officials, such as again in Philadelphia, openly flaunting court orders. Why the reticence to intervene?

All that said, I can feel good about my own state, Florida, in which more than 11 million votes were cast – almost the entire population of Pennsylvania – and results were known the same night. Whatever issues plagued the state in previous elections have been fixed, thanks in large part to Gov. Ron DeSantis. If Florida can fix it’s problems, so can other states. And it’s time for some sort of more coordinated approach to voter registration and the whole electoral process. As things stand, they’re an embarrassing and catastrophic hodge-podge.

The other issue that I think has to be raised for future elections is the whole question of early voting, not just mail-in voting. U.S. electoral law, in Chapter 2 of the U.S. Code, sets Election Day as the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. Get it? Election Day. Not Election Season or Election Month or whatever. There is a real reason for having a single election day, with all votes to be cast on that day save for any cast by legitimate absentee ballot, with those counted on or by Election Day. Remember how that was? I do. And I voted in person on Election Day and, you know what, it went fine and I lived to tell about it. The whole virus thing was a sham and a fraud, and that it was allowed to be a factor in the election is yet another disgrace casting its shadow across the nation.

The Biggest Crisis: Media Corruption

I have been saying for years, long before the election of Donald Trump, that the biggest problem facing this country isn’t political but rather the bias and corruption in the mass media. In principle, political problems can be fixed (assuming, of course, a fair electoral process). But without honest and accurate information provided to the electorate, the entire process fails. As I’ve written, democracy dies in darkness, and that’s what we’re seeing right now.

How many American voters got to hear about the corruption and illegal activities of Joe Biden, or the Hunter Biden laptop and the emails it contains laying out the former Vice President’s abuse of power for private gain? Maybe 10 percent? Maybe fewer? Most of the national media – and by extension, local media – not only didn’t cover the story, but when it came up in passing they outright lied and said it was a product of Russian misinformation, which is demonstrably false. Backing up the “Blue Wall,” Twitter and Facebook blocked reports about the laptop and Biden corruption, froze accounts, and censored legitimate reports. Only the New York Post, Fox News, and some online sites with integrity reported the story. The British media carried it more than the American media did. If you didn’t have access to one of those outlets, you never heard about what might be the biggest scandal in political history of the past century (yes, bigger, by far, than Watergate).

Between the concerted cover-up of this story and an election that spread over weeks, the anti-Trump establishment kept the electorate in the dark to influence the outcome of the election. And this same corrupt media protected Biden, content for him to mostly stay in his Wilmington basement, ignoring the obvious signs of his growing dementia, and unwilling to ask him any questions beyond fluff. Who needs Russian or Chinese or Iranian intervention when we have CNN, MSNBC, the major networks, the print media, and Big Tech?

I am astounded when I hear some praising Biden’s “spectacular” campaign. What planet do these people live on? What campaign? It was the biggest non-campaign in American political history. And in reality, anyone with more than two functioning brain cells knows it’s not Biden who will be the real actor in the White House. It will be the largely unpopular Kamala Harris. And people question why I say the Dems depended on people being imbeciles for their victory.

For four years the media, the late night talk shows, and the chattering class spread lies and misinformation about Trump, and those lies and that misinformation echoes through the populace, building on itself. And it’s extended to everyone associated with Trump, to anyone who supports Trump, to anyone who votes for Trump. Being one of those maligned by these despicable characters, I am more than sick of the lies, the bullying, the slander, the threats, the ridicule, the browbeating, and all the rest. I am tired of being called a racist because I support Trump, tired of being called a racist for opposing Obama (that goes back 12 years). The media has cultivated nothing but division and hatred in the country. They have fostered violence. Anti-Trumpers, biolstered by these hateful lies, have threatened to kill (and have actually done so) Trump supporters. The media has this on its head. And it is shameful beyond words.

And now Biden and the Dems and the media say we should forgive and forget and let bygones be bygones? They’ve gone so far as to spread the lie that it is us who want to be forgiven. That is how delusional and dishonest these people are. And some, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are calling for taking names to punish those who worked for the Trump administration. Well, take note: I, and many tens of millions like me, don’t bargain with or submit to those who would steal our democracy from us and turn us into a one-party conformist state adhering in lock-step to a most radical leftist agenda. And I don’t make peace with haters and liars and frauds who refuse to acknowledge and repent of their hate, their lies, their fraud.

Now there are signs that even Fox News is being steered by top management away from being the one contrarian network one can count on to find out what is really happening in the country. I am reminded of how Putin, unhappy with the coverage of the Dubrovka Theater debacle by NTV, the last of Russia’s independent nationwide TV stations, forced a change of management there, effectively silencing dissent. If Fox News goes the same way, we are truly lost.

As the free flow of information is systematically strangled, so is our democracy strangled.

The Bigger Shame on the Nation

The even bigger shame will be all the actors who broke the law, lied under oath, fostered the Russia Hoax, and attempted to bring down a duly elected president in a brazen coup attempt. That it has taken so long to bring these people to justice is a travesty and a shame. Attorney General William Barr and Deputy AG John Durham had ample time to complete investigations and seek convictions. That they haven’t done so underscores my belief that this country has a two-tier justice system – if one can even still use the term “justice,” except in irony – and the likes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozok, John Brennan, James Clapper, and, yes, Joe Biden, all of whom, and others, committed criminal acts worthy of prosecution, will be allowed to skate scot-free if Trump winds up losing the election.

There is something seriously wrong with our judicial process if so much time and resources can be poured into endless investigations with zero results. Or maybe that was the intent all along. Whichever, this is yet one more national scandal, as is the misuse of the FBI and the nation’s intel agencies for political purposes.

Adding insult to injury, some of these reprehensible characters, such as Brennan, already have been offered positions in the Biden transition team. The expectation is that the cover-up will be complete and all the misdeeds will just go away. And, mark my words, there will be prosecution efforts directed against Trump and others in his administration if Biden takes power. This has to be infuriating to anyone who cares about some semblance of justice.

In the final analysis, I think the country has failed itself. All of this was preventable, but decisions were made and actions taken, fostered by ill intent and the power of special interests over the course of decades, that have taken us down a path leading us away from core American values of fairness and honesty and accountability and transparency and justice. And I am left never more ashamed of my country and with nothing I can offer my friend Laura, or anyone else, to show we are better than any other corrupt country.

Featured image: Aggression, John Hain, Pixabay. Used with permission.
Disgrace, Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. Used with permission.
Black-backed Jackal, Geran de Klerk, Unsplash. Used with permission.
Hopeless, Gabriel, Unsplash. Used with permission.

3 Replies to “Nothing to be Proud of”

  1. Frank – you nailed virtually everything wrong with what just happened. The worst is all of the slime-balls getting away with it. I’ve heard this repeatedly the last 4 years – now it’s time for me to say: “Biden – not my President”. I had a strange dream the other night – Biden, Harris and Pelosi are on Air Force 1 and the plane disappears over the Bermuda Triangle. I woke with a smile on my face knowing that the country had a chance of being saved.

  2. That’s quite a dream. Don’t you love those kinds of dreams? It reminds me of the one where a Brit, a Frenchman, a Mexican and an American are in an airplane . . .

    This isn’t over yet. I think there were so many things wrong with this election it should just be canceled and start over, or let it go to Congress, where Trump would probably win. Like you say, the worst part is the slime balls getting away with all their misdeeds. I have to lay part of that on Bill Barr and Trump, who is his boss. That stuff should have been tended to a couple years ago. We, the American people, are being denied justice and knowing what really happened.

    Anyway, we’ll see what happens. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Well, the good news to this are:
    -President Trump is going out of his way the challenge this chicanery.
    -There’s One America News, a new upstart to challenge the Scum Media. (Thanks to Bosch Fawstin for that.)
    Tim Pool and Jim Bovard, amongst other people, are honest and have actual integrity.
    -Reports of AOC leaving politics altogether.
    -Facebook and Twitter are losing ground to and Parler. (If only “Rational” Wiki, Media Bias Fact Check, and Snopes joined them.)

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