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Frank J. Yacenda, a life-long writer, has been a journalist, editor, publisher, a science writer, a diplomat, and a public relations practitioner. See more about him here.

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Frank J. Yacenda is a broadly experienced writer and editor who will help you conceive, perfect, produce, and promote your fiction or non-fiction writing project. See more here.

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Buying America the Right Way tells overseas real estate investors -- and U.S. ones, too -- what they need to know to get it right when buying in America. See it here.
Site Policies

Site Policies

Posting policy

This site is mostly meant to feature and promote my non-fiction writing. A sister site at features and promotes my fiction writing. Hopefully you’ll find things of interest on both sites, but if you’re more into one than the other, that’s cool.

I’ll endeavor to post regularly to the blog and put up pieces I think will interest visitors and are indicative of my writing. That said, I’m not the best about keeping schedules and occasionally I actually have a life and even do some real writing, so I’m not making any promises about how often I’ll post. It might be two or three times a week, it might be just one time a week, it might be even less frequently. The main thing is I’ll do my best to keep the site alive, so do check back frequently for updates. Or better, sign up for notifications of new postings. For you, special price: Free.

Usage policy

Please note that every word on this site is copyrighted. You’re welcome to use brief quotes with attribution as provided for by the rules of Fair Use, but steal anything and claim it as your own and you will find yourself in a world of hurt. Really, I mean it.

Comment policy

Obviously, positive comments are always welcome. Less-than-positive comments (as rare as they might be) also are welcome, as long as you’re reasonably polite and constructive about it. I might or might not respond, but I’m not doing this to engage in lengthy arguments over things and won’t be provoked into them. I do moderate comments and anyone who crosses the line will find their comments blocked.

Absolutely no spamming will be tolerated. If you have a book, article, service, product , or whatever you think would be of interest and use to others, consult me privately about it and if I think it’s worthwhile I might feature or otherwise put it on the site. No promises.

Note that “reasonably polite” also includes not saying nasty things to others, or being a general ‘Net troll. I’m pretty open-minded, but even I have my limits. And just to remind you, it’s my site, not yours. You’ve been warned.

Other than all that, welcome!