Ruining America: It’s By Design

Ruining America: It’s By Design

If you think the image above is a scene of squalor from some Third World country, you’re right. The name of that country is the United States of America, and what you see is the ideal that many seek to turn the country into.

Recent events clearly dismiss any notion that what is being done to the country is in any way the result of incompetence or misjudgments. At this point, it is unmistakable that all this is being done by design, and is intended to ruin the country. Just take at face value the words of Homeland Security (sic) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in his Congressional testimony on Sept. 22: “We are following our plan.” And indeed, they are. That part was the truth. The phrase that preceded it, “The border is secure,” is such a demonstrably bold-faced lie it needs to be, but won’t be, prosecuted.

Unrestricted illegal immigration is perhaps the most obvious and visible manifestation of this administration’s push for the country’s ruination. But there are lots of other examples: Disgracefully abandoning Americans and our allies in a hostile and deadly Afghanistan. Allowing — even encouraging — terrorists to regain all the territory that American troops died, over two decades, to push them from, and arming them with more than $80 billion worth of the most sophisticated weapons. Encouraging crime to spiral upward across the land. Fostering racial divisions, setting back race relations a half century. Pursuing fiscal profligacy that feeds inflation and impoverishes future generations while feeding wealthy Democratic donors. Restoring the country to dependence on foreign sources for petroleum. And that is to name but the most prominent features of what this current crowd in Washington and across the land is pushing, full speed ahead.

No level of incompetence can explain or excuse such an across-the-board abandonment of American values, disregard for the rule of law, or the wholesale destruction of the country’s well-bring. No, dear reader, this is part of a grand plan, and what you think, if you don’t like what is happening, doesn’t matter one bit to the current administration or the elites who support it and helped put it in power. And Joe Biden is the perfect vehicle for them to accomplish their goals: A valueless, demented tool whose sole interest is, always was, his own power, aggrandizement, and greed, ripe for the true power brokers to use as they wish, the American public or his oath of office be damned.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, used by many in the administration, in the Democratic Party, and on the fringe left, “Profoundly transforming America.” A favorite word used by those same people is “dog whistle.” And that’s what that phrase is, a dog whistle for “Destroying America.” Whatever went before, what made America America, its values, its history, even its laws and Constitution, are detested by these people, and they now hold the reins of power to accomplish what has been their objective for a very long time. And things may already be past the point of no return for saving what is left of the country since their intent is to make it into a one-party state where opposition to their orthodoxy is meaningless. Unleashing unrestricted illegal immigration is a cornerstone of accomplishing that.

In this post I’m going to look at just two aspects of this plan — unrestricted illegal immigration and upwardly spiraling crime — and also the utter disregard in which those promoting these policies hold the American people.

Opening the flood gates

Take the situation at the southwestern border, for instance, though at this point it is a misnomer to refer to it as a border. The photos above tell the story of what is going on there. What you’re seeing in the first is an encampment of Haitians under the International Bridge at Del Rio, Texas — more than 15,000 at one point, and they just kept coming, 30,000 in the past three weeks, literally walking like a stream of ants across the Rio Grande, as in the second image. Not coming direct from Haiti, but Haitians that have been living all over South America, in many cases for years, some having been granted political asylum in those countries. And there are another 30,000 or many more following, coming up through Central America and Mexico. All coming at the personal invitation of Joe Biden. Like the other 2 million illegal border jumpers the country is on target to receive this year, a new all-time record. And those are just the ones that get apprehended, and then sent wherever in the country they want to go. It’s solely a matter of speculation how many “got aways” have, and will, make their way into the country.

With this wave of illegals come the drugs being trafficked across the border by the Mexican cartels, which have earned billions of dollars on the illegal trade. And the women and children being trafficked. And the terrorists mingled in with the others, coming from more than 100 countries all over the world. Add to the total tens of thousands of Afghans of all ilk and stripe — few are those who assisted the U.S. in Afghanistan, most of whom were left behind by Biden to be tortured and killed by the Taliban — flown in and released, and you begin to get an idea of the scope of what amounts to a staged invasion of the country. And while Biden dictates COVID vaccination mandates for law-abiding Americans, the border jumpers and others are let in without vaccinations or even much testing. If you think any of this is not by design, you’re deluded and misled. Biden inherited a secure border — perhaps the most secure in our history — from Donald Trump, and on Day 1 of his administration he blew the doors off it. And the flood of migrants quickly followed and has not abated since.

Why, you ask, would a president seek to inflict this on his own people? Simple. The left, which controls Biden, doesn’t believe in borders. They believe people should go wherever they want, and if millions of people from around the world want to come to America, they think that should be their right. They also are looking ahead for when they can finally push through an amnesty act — one is embedded in the monster $3.5 trillion spending bill Nancy Pelosi wants to get passed — that would lead to citizenship for all these millions of illegals. They’re counting on most of them then voting Democratic out of some sort of gratitude to the party that invited them in. And if they do that — the numbers, just this year alone, eclipse the populations of more than 14 states — that will finally realize their dream of a one-party state.

Meanwhile, Biden is in blatant violation of his oath of office, a key part of which is to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Article II, Section 3 of that Constitution says that, among his other duties, the President “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed . . .” One must wonder why this President has not been impeached for his utter failure to faithfully, or in any other way, execute the country’s immigration laws, among others.

Spiraling crime

Another key element of the drive to destroy America is spiraling crime. Beginning with the death of George Floyd in May 2020, crime began rising unabated in many of the country’s largest cities — almost all of which are Democrat ruled and have been for a very long time. As violence tore apart cities from coast to coast, the movement to defund the police took root, and despite many billions of dollars in damage done, and numerous innocent people killed, few people were charged with crimes and fewer prosecuted. Contributing to the problem, a number of jurisdictions across the country, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, New Mexico, California, and Alaska, abolished or limited their cash bail systems. Add so-called “progressive” prosecutors, helped into office by massive campaign contributions by radical billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, and reduced charges and penalties for a number of crimes, even decisions not to prosecute certain offenses — leading to scenes such as in the photo above, as thieves walk out of an Apple store in California with thousands of dollars of merchandise — and you have a perfect storm of what seem to be unintended negative consequences. But are they unintended?

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that demoralizing and reducing the number of police, letting criminals walk free with no inducement not to re-offend, and letting people commit crimes with little or no threat of consequence, is going to lead to an increase in criminality. But like letting illegal immigrants enter the country at will, giving criminals freer and freer rein is going to have negative consequences, especially on the most vulnerable in the society. Thus, we have the latest FBI report that is expected to show a 29 percent increase in murders in 2020, eclipsing the next largest increase, 12.7%, in 1968. And that trend is continuing and accelerating in 2021. Meanwhile, while at least 25 cities have either cut funds, or are contemplating cutting funds, from their police forces, Forbes Magazine found that in 20 of the cities cutting police funding mayors and other city officials are protected, at taxpayer expense, by special police details. And all — I stress, all — of those 20 cities are run by Democratic mayors. So, those mayors and other officials consider their constituents expendable, but they get personal protection since, after all, they’re special, and you’re not.

As Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, clearly one of America’s most useless mayors, put it, “I think that residents of [Chicago], understanding the nature of the threats we are receiving on a daily basis, understand that I have a right to make sure my home is secure.” She, not you, have a right to a secure home. And in Minneapolis, where the 2020 violence originated, leading to a billion dollars in damage to that city alone, three of the city council members who voted to defund the police have private security details costing taxpayers $4,500 a day. And this is going on in at least 20 Democrat-run cities.

Hypocrisy no longer matters

You might remember a time when being accused of hypocrisy actually carried some weight. Well, those days are over. Now those who will dictate our morality to us while flaunting their own profligacy and privilege don’t think even once about being accused of hypocrisy. They know there are enough gullible sheeple, “informed” by a corrupt lackey media, out there that they can get away with just about anything, up to and including outright lying and corruption.

Take the unofficial leader of the so-called Squad of radical left activists in the Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That’s her up there in that dress, emblazoned with the words “Tax the Rich.” Such a (to some) seemingly noble thought, something to wear to the $35,000 a plate Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala, where not many poor people likely would be in attendance. But AOC is right in her element, having graduated from the life of a barista to membership in the nation’s elite, lording it over those who can’t pony up $35,000 for a roast beef dinner. Hypocrisy? What’s that?

But it doesn’t end there. See the woman standing next to AOC? She’s Aurora James, an established tax deadbeat with dozens of state and federal tax and other warrants lodged against her in a number of states — mostly to do with not collecting or paying the payroll taxes due on her workers, or not carrying required worker comp insurance — and whose employees have accused of harassment and running “a sweat shop” full of unpaid interns. She’s also stiffed her company’s landlords while scoring a $1.6 million residence for herself in L.A. and collecting $41,666 in federal pandemic relief funds.

James — whom AOC terms a “working class” designer — lent her that hypocritical dress, likely worth thousands of dollars, and others contributed the bling AOC wore during the gala. Oh, and did we mention? AOC’s long-time boyfriend, web developer Riley Roberts, also got comped, bringing the total to $70,000 just to get in the door. If all this doesn’t make you want to vomit, what’s wrong with you?

Now one has to wonder, doesn’t all that — from comping the dinner tickets to the dress to the bling — constitute bribery of a public official? Why isn’t there an official corruption investigation being done of the congressperson, who would pick everyone else’s pocket to support her extravagant Socialist schemes while dancing the night away among the uber-wealthy? Can you spell “Democrat,” which seems to provide a pass to the most egregious acts of not just hypocrisy, but blatant corruption?

You see, she’s AOC, and you’re not. And as she and her party go about ruining the country as best they can, you, me, all of us, get to pay for it, in so many ways. If you voted for any of this, if you voted for Joe Biden, AOC, and the rest of their ilk, this is what you voted for. Maybe this isn’t what you were signing up for, but this is what you’re getting, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. But the rest of us, those of us who didn’t vote for this, or had our vote stolen through the fraud of the last election, are paying and suffering for it, too. And when the ship goes down, we all go down with it.

Featured image, Haitians at Del Rio, Texas, by John Moore, Getty Images. Used under Fair Use.

Haitians Cross Rio Grande, Agence France-Presse, via Used under Fair Use.

Thieves Robbing Apple Store, Yahoo News. Used under Fair Use.

Aurora James and AOC at Met Gala, New York Post. Used under Fair Use.

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